Friday, February 25, 2011

Awesome Shout Out to Brooklyn!

And from Country Living too! So many of these amazing places- including restaurants- are in or near Park Slope. For one who would prefer to leave off Williamsburg/Greenpoint (me! and FIPS), here's that list. Otherwise here's the original. What an amazing little shout out! And I'm always saying that Park Slope is like a quaint town- now it's official.

Perfect timing too, as I will be heading to Williamsburg tonight and have already been a bit grumbly about the plethora of skinny jeans and flannel that will abound, not to mention trying to come up with the proper outfit that is the right amount of hipster without compromising my utter dislike of their fashion sense (can we call it that?). Of course me saying that out loud makes me entirely uncool but whatevers. *Sigh.*

And I know I haven't been posting this week either, but it's been crazy since I've gotten back. Come on, it's 10 till 6 on a Friday and I'm still at work. But there are a lot of 1/2 started posts and recipes that I've been working on and will put up...eventually. This weekend I promise. Until then, Happy Friday!

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