Friday, February 18, 2011

The Texas Breakfast

This morning we were all being just typical Texas lazy, watching the sun make the day warmer from the safety of the central air inside, sipping our coffee and generally just contemplating life. My very dear friend mentioned that she was hungry and I seconded which is when the best idea occurred. "Kolaches?" asked very dear friend's husband. "Yes please" we both chimed together.
If you aren't familiar, kolaches are a semi-sweet dough, traditionally filled with dried fruit, poppy seeds, or cream cheese. Less traditional versions (i.e. the delicious bastardization we get from Shipley's) are filled with cheese, ham, sausage, etc. They came over to the states from Czech immigrants, a number of whom settled in Texas and Oklahoma and started up bakeries with kolaches fast becoming a breakfast treat, but back in Europe these pastries were reserved as a wedding dessert.

So these weren't homemade in the sense that they were baked right from very dear friend's kitchen, but still very delicious. Warm and doughy, the cheese oozing around the smoked sausage, they tasted like home, like my childhood on a lazy Sunday after church. An excellent Texas breakfast. And if you have a hankering to make some homemade ones, Homesick Texan has perfected the sweet version and here's a recipe for my favorite the Klobanicky, aka the sausage and cheese.

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