Monday, February 21, 2011

Tex-Mex Round 2

As promised I've gotten my fill of Tex-Mex on this Houston trip. What originated as an idea to hit up the taqueria around the corner for some breakfast tacos turned into hitting up the Tex-Mex joint down the main strip, due to typical girl procrastination.

Spanish Flower, which apparently Lady Gaga has been to, was where we ended up munching on some Tex-Mex for round 2. It was ok. The chips were great and the salsa, for being mainly a smushy pico de gallo, was nice and spicy, but the tortillas fell a little flat. And even though we saw them preparing the dough balls and tossing them expertly onto the tortilla maker... they just weren't fluffy and floury. But they're open 24/7, which I guess this food at 2am would be pretty darn tasty.

Anyways, enough fluff. Below are the pictures. Judge for yourself, but personally I'm sold on Teotihuacan for Houston main strip Tex-Mex cuisine.
The tortilla maker. I can't tell you how fascinated I was by this as a little girl
Good chips and salsa do not a trifecta make

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