Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out with Dumb Holidays

I really don't want to do the seemingly obligatory single girl hate-on-V-day post but another part of me is finding this day so hard to ignore to the point that it's just really pissing me off (thanks Mark Zuckerberg with your targeted facebook ads, et al). But truth be told while there is definitely a heightened sensitivity to this most pointless of holidays this year in particular, I've always generally found it, well... a pretty pointless holiday. Even when I've been in relationships. And in no way am I belittling love, but rather the obligation to show someone you love that you love them. It defeats the purpose somewhat. Because there's nothing romantic about feeling obligated to do something.
My sentiments on this faux holiday may change if I got this bear. This bear is AWESOME!
Think about it for a sec. Some guy gets you some stuff not because he wants to but because he feels obligated by Hallmark  or some retarded jeweler to, you are constantly one-upped by co-workers and frienemies whose flowers are bigger, they're presents shinier (I would know, I've been that girl), you pay too much for an overrated "romantic" pre-fixe at some sucky restaurant because you couldn't get a reservation at a nicer one. This. Is. Not. Fun. So why do it?

So this year I'm just saying fuck it (that's right, this is not a child-friendly post if you haven't figured that out yet). I'm going to Virginia to hang out and party with people I adore any day of the week. People who would much rather celebrate overcoming S.A.D., drink spiked cherry limeades's and listen to awesome records while making ridiculous Southern treats like King Cakes. People I don't feel obligated to visit or do things with but people I love to be around because it makes both me and them happy. This is what this silly holiday should be about, just making everyone happy by doing whatever they want regardless of whether you've found that one someone special or not. Which is so much better than cramming it into a Monday night anyways.

Anywho, below are things that are adored no matter what, some food, some just fun, and some just celebrating the way this day should be celebrated. Here's a wonderful post from a gorgeous New York caterer celebrating the special man in her life (looks like a short haired version of my little guy). Here's a lovely couple's very low-key  valentines day diner dinner tradition (something I could get on board with actually) and this year includes baby.  And if you want to do something anti-valentines-y with other like-minded people, here is a handy list for whats going on in NYC (there are lists for basically every major city too)
Old Town. There's something to love about staying decorated for Christmas all year round

Fried food love, especially fried pickles at Vermillion in Alexandria.
Watching my weight means I don't enjoy fried things often but when I do it is love

Chris' awesome pancakes. Being not so into sweets, the powdered sugar is a
great substitute to sticky sugary syrup. Weekend breakfast love.

I heart parties with lei's. And cats.
And dogs make it even better! (but don't tell Hux)

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