Friday, February 18, 2011

My Tex-Mex Standards...

I'd say they are pretty high. There's actually a Tex-Mex trifecta in my head that judges whether a Tex-Mex place is worth coming back to or just a cheap imitation of the real deal. New York, for all it's diversity, just cannot master Tex-Mex. It's true. Just like that old Pace picante commercial... "It's says here it's made in New York City." "New York City?!?" In short, not known for Tex-Mex.

The Trifecta of Tex-Mex:
  • Chip- must be crunchy and light. Not even remotely stale. Salty, but not overly so
  • Salsa- just enough spice plus depth. This can be attained through smokey chipotles, tomatillos, etc
  • Tortillas- puffy, light, flour-y. They don't weigh you down with lard, but you can taste that you're being bad by eating one
Houston however, is right smack in the Tex-Mex middle of everything. And my first real night here, I dragged very dear friend + hubby + child to the nearest place with the best reviews. Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe... just right down the way from where they lived, satisfied all cravings and met the trifecta standards.
The margarita, while not a part of the trifecta, still important. This was fabulous

Chips and queso. And no pics but a chipotle salsa and a tomatillo salsa
Fajitas. Steak and chicken marinated perfectly and grilled. It just melted in your mouth

The traditional accoutrement's for fajitas. Beans, rice, guacamole. Cheese and sour cream on the side
As far as Tex-Mex goes, it was pretty damn amazing. And for one so accustomed to extreme disappointment, it was an oasis in a desert. Combined with the fact that it was in Houston and not in a strip mall, and that they had an outdoor patio where we ate, made it seem all the more authentic. And while very dear friend has promised me more during this vacation, I'm perfectly content for now.

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