Here are a few little Q & A's if you want to learn more:

Q: What exactly do you do in New York?

A:  As a matter of fact, I am an advertising executive and love what I do. It brought me to New York and kept me here for  6, 7, 8! years. But like any job, when you're perusing data and preparing reports and negotiating with sales reps all day long you start to go a little crazy. So to keep me sane, I turn to food for inspiration.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for what you cook?

A: I find inspiration everywhere. I love to add my own little tweaks to traditional recipes but as much as possible will try to source where my influence came from. If not though, check out my Inspirations page for links to the many numerous websites and blogs that inspire me.

Q: How about inspiration from your roots, the South?

A: Absolutely! I'm originally from Texas, which is basically it's own culinary experience altogether but with family and friends all over the South I've managed to eat my way from The Carolina's to Arkansas and consider myself fairly well versed in the cuisines of other Southern locales. As a Texan though, I have strong opinions about certain things (i.e. that good Tex-Mex does not exist in NYC), am very picky about my BBQ (a joint cannot have good BBQ that focuses on every regional nuance... I'm looking at you Blue Smoke) and yes, I think that chili powder can be added to just about every recipe, sweet or savory, and have to work to restrain myself from doing so.

Q: If you say you turn to food you must weigh 300lbs!

A:  Food and cooking are my main hobby. But alongside that I spin a few times a week, run, and when the weather's nice there's nothing I love better than walking or biking around NYC. I also practice portion control, try to "health" things up wherever possible, and love to bring the sweet stuff for co-workers or friends to enjoy. 

Q: Ok so since you're actually a pretty small girl how do you manage to drink all the Bourbon you write about? You must have some major alcohol issues!

A: I prefer to drink bourbon when I'm out to dinner and can taste without having to commit to buying a whole bottle. I've tasted most of the Fortune Brands (Knob Creek, Basil Hayden's, Bookers, Makers), Brown-Forman (Woodford Reserve), a few from Sazerac (Blanton's, 1792, Eagle Rare). My preference though is KBD brand (Kentucky Bourbon Distillers) which produces my personal favorite and currently stocked Bourbon, Old Pogue. Also while not technically Bourbon, I'll also try Tennessee and Rye Whiskey. If I'm going to drink Bourbon, I like it neat, though may throw in a splash of water on occasion. I don't think you should ever mix or cook with the really good stuff- but I've been known to break this rule. 

Q: Is Bourbon the only thing you drink?

A: It's the only hard liquor I drink typically. I usually have it as an after dinner drink- I don't usually order it in a bar and won't drink it at a party. My spirit of preference in social situations as well as with dinner is red wine. And I'd say my wine knowledge is pretty fair as well.

Q: How did you get started cooking?

A: From watching my mom in the kitchen. I know it sounds cliche but it's true. We'd help her crack eggs or gather fresh vegetables from the garden for dinner. It really was a very picturesque childhood. I always hear about girls who say they are intimidated by being in the kitchen, I think this helped me to never feel that way. My mom also ran a cake bakery out of the home so cooking and baking was a little more than a just a matter of putting food on the table (at least in that manner of speaking).

I also grew up watching how food brings a family together. Every week we'd have a family dinner at my grandparents house, it was a big deal. Everyone participated in some way. But normal dinners at home we always ate around the table together too. It's those things I want to pass along when I have a family, it's important.

Q: So why Brioche and Bourbon?

A: They're both delicacies in their own way: Brioche, a lovely buttery, egg-y bread and Bourbon, a very specific type of whiskey known for it's intense smokey flavor and warming aftertaste. When you think of Brioche you think delicate and Bourbon it's usually powerful, a strong and intense presence that you don't easily forget. And with either you need the right balance. Which kind of sums me up, the right balance of delicacy and strength.


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