Friday, January 21, 2011

In Case You Feel Like Stabbing Something this Weekend

No no. It hasn't been one of those weeks. It's actually been a pretty good one as far as weeks go and especially recent weeks.

For no reason other than working in a pretty cool industry I was invited to the premiere of Portlandia, a new show on IFC. (It was hilarious! Watch it!). I was also able to get to the gym enough times to at least wonder how many hours working out during the week equals gym rat (it helps if you have a long weekend with nothing planned). And last night I went on a pretty nice dinner and movie date with an ok guy. We went to my local Italian place, then to my local sketchy movie theater, and then he walked me home... yes, that's right... walked me home; once again reaffirming that my neighborhood, including the people in it, is sometimes very much like a small 1950's town that somehow got time warped into the middle of New York City. It was nice and sweet and that's all I'm going to say for now.

And today I'm heading to Philadelphia for a weekend of R&R with one of my relocated NYC friends. A good finale to a good week, although you may notice with all the activities the overarching theme was that there were very few home-cooked food opportunities. To not leave you hanging, especially after putting up with my "dear diary" segment above, I'm posting this old gem of a recipe my mom found in a Texarkana cookbook (her hometown- don't get me started on that place). So break out your ice pick (?!?), an eye dropper and that bottle of bourbon, it's Whiskey Cake time.

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