Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Ideas

Like a Snuggie for your stomach, is the title of the email. I love that!

Do you subscribe to Tasting Table? If not you should. I love the (mostly) daily emails of recipes and tips they send out and it is definitely an inspiration, especially for those work days when it's 5:30pm, my stomach is grumbling, I haven't managed to have a minute to plan out dinner and am about to resign myself to mediocre takeout. Then I check my email and like a godsend there is a daily recipe, complete with the story behind it as well as a beautiful picture.

But they also have these occasional seasonal menus they'll send out and I just got the winter one. 3 different unique and delicious meals that all basically require a pot and a lot of time to let it simmer. Listen to this: Ribollita with Sausage and Kale, Coconut Curry Braised Short Ribs and Southwestern Chicken and Dumplings. All sound delicious! Check it out.

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