Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's Excited for the Superbowl?

Not me. And neither is this guy. But he is drinking Tuthilltown Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey which I see a lot at liquor stores, probably owing to the fact that I live in the New York area where it's distilled. I've never bought it as it's pretty expensive ($40-50+ for a 375ml bottle), and have never seen it out at restaurants, so I have yet to taste. In polite conversation at my nearby wine stores I've been told that it's just ok which has always discouraged me from purchasing.

But it's made with 4 grains (corn- of course, rye, wheat and malted barley) while most bourbon only contains 3 in the mash bill. It's said to have vanilla, persimmon and orange on the nose and taste like caramel and toasted pecans; smooth and creamy to drink which sounds pretty excellent as far as bourbons go. So maybe I should give it a shot. This unfortunate gentleman seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.


  1. At first thought something was off on the audio...not your typical Gary V videocast. I guess I'd be upset also if I was a Jets fan. Gotta be going for the Steelers on the 6th.

  2. Yuck, why? I'm once again just watching for the commercials.



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