Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old Pogue

Oh yes. We're starting with the best.

Old Pogue Master's Select is a small batch Kentucky bourbon with a rich history dating back to the years following the Civil War, starting in 1869. Family run from the start in Maysville, KY, they briefly shut down for Prohibition and then again closed their doors during World War II when the factory was sold. Over a decade ago though the Pogue family began again, this time in Bardstown, KY using the original family recipe. Their bourbon requires 9 years in the barrel (as opposed to 2-5 years for mass marketed bourbons) and it certainly shows.
The scent of vanilla, maple and brown sugar on your nose makes it most easily imagined drizzled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream, or better yet as the liquor of choice in a flaming bananas foster. It is a luxurious, smokey, and delicious bourbon that envelopes you in a daydream of sitting around a campfire, surrounded by your friends and family, your belly full, your heart happy, your life content. It tastes like caramel and burning wood, bold but smooth with an intense depth. And while it's on the more expensive side, if you can find it, buy it! It's worth every drop.

This is what great bourbon is made of.

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