Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Mushroom Worth it's Weight in Gold: The Chanterelle

One of the best and most frustrating things about my neighborhood is my grocery store. I tend to refer to it as a fancy market... it's expensive, not very large, always full of the typical Park Slope parents and their overly large strollers or hyperactive toddlers wandering at random. But it's also full of some truly amazing things, cases of cheese, attentive butchers, every combination of spice and vinegar flavor you can imagine... and naturally it's pretty expensive ($30 olive oil anyone?). So for staples I go to my corner deli, for the ingredients that make a meal special I go to the fancy market.And one of those special ingredients I'm always willing to splurge on are mushrooms. They have your typical ones- button, portabella, crimini, but they also have those mushrooms you see only on shows like The Barefoot Contessa, or that really fancy restaurant. Maitake (hen of the woods), oyster, morel, lobster, chanterelle, etc. I like to try them all whenever I can afford them and this week it was chanterelles.

Chanterelle's are very high in Vitamin C and D as well as potassium. The golden chanterelles have a light apricot color. Meaty, chewy and eggy in texture, they work best sauteed, simply or with some cream, cooking alcohol, and chicken broth. Historically they were considered a culinary delicacy, typically served to nobility. They have also been called Queen of the Forest and Golden Chanterelle.

Chanterelle Mustard Cream Sauce
1/2 lbs. chanterelle
1 Tbl. olive oil
1 Tbl. butter
1 Tbl. bourbon
1/2 c. chicken stock
3 Tbl. cream
1 Tbl. mustard
salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat saute pan at medium and put olive oil and butter. Slice chanterelle's into 2" pieces and add to pan once butter has melted and the oil is shimmering. Saute until mushrooms are slightly browned.

2. Turn off the heat (unless you want to flambe) and add bourbon. It'll cook off pretty quickly and then add the chicken stock, reduce by 1/2. Add mustard and cream. Cook until sauce is moderately thick. Serve with Mustard Roasted Chicken, over rice or pasta.
*If you're watching your weight, substitute the butter for just another Tbl. of olive oil. Cream can also be substituted with plain milk, but allow more time to reduce.
Chanterelle's are also great just plainly sauteed with olive oil, salt and possibly some minced garlic for that extra punch.


  1. You have to make this too when you come to visit!! I already promised Ross the ribs, but this sounds heavenly to me!!

  2. Ash, if you have a fancy grocery store I definitely will! Or I'll make you Hen of the Woods mushrooms which are amazing, heavenly, and frightfully expensive... which is why I haven't made them (and had a chance to post) just yet.



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