Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Summer Blog Love

So here I am in a weird travel limbo. Got back late on Monday from LA, Tuesday I chose to spend my time outside of work wisely with the boy, which leaves tonight as my only real night home until I head out for my Maryland-DC-Virginia concert adventure, with the weekend after that to be spent in Avalon. Goodness. And here I was thinking that my life was settling down a bit when in fact it's just revving up.
Beautiful Cali. The view from the balcony in my room at the Four Seasons
With just one night home, shopping for food presents it's own little challenge. I don't want to make a mess, I don't want to have leftovers, but I also want to get enough so that I'm not repeating this entire process next week when I get back. So only non-perishables or items that can be frozen back. Which requires thought. And when I don't have the time to sit and plan I cheat a little and head to my favs. It's almost as though they knew I was coming.

I've pointed out Miss Luisa's lovely blog, The Wednesday Chef, numerous times but it wouldn't be blog love if I didn't do a shout out to her pickled radishes. Especially after I've so recently become absolutely entranced with pickling, canning, putting back, etc. Here's another recipe to add to the growing list. And there's nothing to me that is a better snack then a toasted baguette spread with a little butter and the thinnest of radishes sliced on top, with a sprinkle of some maldon sea salt.

Today I was cutting through the Union Square farmers market on my way to a lunch and couldn't help salivating over all the beautiful produce. Fresh strawberries, tomatoes, and vibrantly green snap peas. And while this green pea soup recipe from Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks can be made with either fresh or frozen peas I'd definitely give it a whirl on a weeknight, or as a little start to a dinner with someone special.

And getting back to canning, I've been wondering what to do with my lovely rhubarb jam I made a few weeks ago. I thought it would be best shared with friends, so I think I might save to take to Alexandria when I'm back in a few weeks for a certain someones birthday and use to make these lovely honey and jam tarts that Miss Hannah over at the appropriately named Honey & Jam recently turned me on to.
Those tarts would be best enjoyed with some Vermontuckey Lemonade, via Deb at Smitten Kitchen. I can just imagine sitting out on the deck in Alexandria, the grill still slightly smoldering from long ago eaten dinner, empty dessert plates that recently held honey and jam tarts, the day turning to dusk and fireflies fluttering about, drinking these refreshing bourbon concoctions, and talking and laughing into the night.

Oh summer, I'm so glad you've come.

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