Friday, June 10, 2011

The Cali Diet: Part 3 The Recipe to End All Diet Recipes

Oh I know, I got back from Cali a few days ago. But I'm still rocking out in skimpy little outfits this weekend at numerous outdoor concerts, next weekend at the shore (this would be the fist pumping with pearls shore, just to be clear), a few weekends later in Alexandria for the 4th, along with numerous other scantily clad summer days, including a late summer lake house retreat. Diet (my way) remains in effect.
The calm before the literal storm at Merriweather for Mumford and Sons
I saw this poached-sous vide chicken recipe on Simply Recipes and it seems so much more like a technique than just a simple one off dinner, rather an opening into a plethora of ideas. And not just for chicken too. Why not another fowl, fish or pork, even lamb or steak? Why not marinate in miso or Marsala, stuff with roasted garlic or roll up with some arugula in the middle? Clearly I could go on and on. So once you get the technique down, use your imagination. And while I haven't yet done this with anything other than chicken (which is probably the most if-y) I would strongly suggest you do your due diligence in researching proper temperatures and cooking times for other meats to make sure you have the best, and safest meal possible.

If it could be described as anything I'd call the technique a ghetto sous vide poach. There's no fancy equipment required, no monitoring the temperature of anything, and if you take the meat out too early, simply re-wrap (in new wrapping) and throw back into the water bath. 

Poached Chicken
1 chicken breasts sliced in 2- could even leave as is for a larger portion but I like the portion control aspect
1/3-1/2 c. white wine- I used a vioginer I already had opened with fine results
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp za'atar
Salt and pepper
Good quality plastic wrap that's microwave safe- I used Glad Press 'n Seal which very clearly says microwave safe on the packaging

1. In a small bowl mix together the wine, lemon, za'atar and salt and pepper. Add the chicken. While that's marinating away, put a medium sized pot filled a little more than half-way with water to a boil.

2. Right before the water come to a rolling boil set out 2 equal sized portions of plastic wrap- approx 10-12" long. Place 1 piece of the chicken in the middle of the shorter side and wrap up a tightly as possible. With the long plastic wrapped up a tight as possible too, tie it in the middle to keep it extra water tight.
Doesn't look terribly pretty but wrapped up like so
 3. Once water comes to a full rolling boil, turn off the heat but leave on the burner and add the chicken wrap. Let cook for 15-20 minutes. Chicken breast should be totally cooked through, but if not, re-wrap and throw back in the water for a few more minutes. Try not to lose the flavorful juice that's with the cooked chicken and open over rice or a bowl to save.
I served over some Royal Blend rice and roasted corn and okra with garlic to keep everything nice, vibrant and healthy.

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