Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to: Cut Asparagus

I, for one, have always loved asparagus. I still remember chowing down on it, definitely the canned kind (which, hey, it's not so bad) at my Grandparents house for our weekly "fancy big deal" dinners and it's always stuck with me. As a vegetable it's an easy go to. Great in pastas, on pizza, in couscous, blanched, sauteed, roasted. You name it, I'll eat it. Asparagus is just such a clean, perfectly springy vegetable.

But have you ever noticed the further you go down the stalk the tougher it gets, almost to the point of becoming a stringy, inedible mess? And if I told you there were a super easy solution to avoiding that annoyance in the future? Well here it is.
1. Wash asparagus stalks and let dry on paper towel
2. Grab asparagus stalk by the base and the tip (get your mind out of the gutter) and gently, yet firmly bend until the stalk breaks in 2

3. The stalk will break exactly where the asparagus stops being fresh (i.e. it'll break before the fibrous, stringy part)
Easy enough, right? That's the way it's done in my kitchen. Delicious made simple. Now, go eat your veggies.

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