Saturday, March 19, 2011

Checking In: Week 1 1/2

It's so hard to sit inside and blog when it's beautiful and sunny out. And lately it seems I'm either at work or sleeping, so when I have the choice to not do either I'm working out or running errands (check both off that list for today, yay!). But I've been up and out since 8:30 this morning and have the good excuse of finally getting my neglected laundry done so here I am at last. 
The lone biscuit I couldn't eat. *tear*
Mood: I'm doing good. If you saw my post from last Tuesday, it's been just a good, happy mood combined with some fun, interesting things happening in my life. I think I've said this before but under normal circumstance I'm usually pretty happy, but it's more of an even keel... since the pesca vegan though it's definitely been elevated and I am not complaining at all. Even with my amped up responsibilities at work, bring it on, I'll get it done with a smile.

Appetite: I've swung wildly from starving to just right full. I've never felt particularly heavy from the food I've eaten either. Last weekend I had dinner with a friend who had given up meat for Lent and said she was constantly hungry and I thought "why don't I feel that way?" But I spoke too soon, because that next day I was draggy, constantly hungry, not cranky but just lacking energy. Because my lunches aren't the usual meat filled sandwiches or salads I find I'm making myself leave work at night more out of hunger pains then just being done with work (it's never done these days), but it also doesn't take much to fill me up either.

Food: I've tried to think up some inventive, vegan only meals to save me (and my wallet) a trip to the store for fish. So far everything I've made and so badly wanted to blog about has varied from "meh" to just not as exciting as it seemed in my head, no matter what herbs and seasonings I added... and I don't want to give you recipes for things I would probably never make again. I'm still disappointed with the tempeh pot pies... and even now wondering if I used tofu would that work better? Or just be more like a quiche with the texture of tofu.

Drinking: Despite the past 2 Thursdays I'm really not a huge drinker. Definitely more social but I have my days where I need a glass of wine or 2 when I'm home from work, but for whatever reason I just haven't had the inclination at all lately. Even when I go out, I find myself drinking more water. And speaking of water, since this vegan thing started I have been soooo thirsty. Not sure if it's the sodium levels in the new foods I'm consuming, soy perhaps, but I've been guzzling water like a fish. I've even been seeking out coconut water and pre-season watermelon to help with hydration.

Messing Up: St. Patty's Day I knew would be hard, as I had a happy hour at work starting at 4, then dinner, then drinks but I was really good... up to a point. I had turned down not 1 but 2 different Irish Soda Breads and even *gasp* turned down the BLT Fish cheddar chive biscuits, which if you know me or have spent a major holiday with me, this is an all time favorite. And in the 5 years since I first went to BLT Fish and got the recipe this is the only other time I've been back... so I guess a major win for the vegan in me. But a few drinks, shots, and general St. Pat's debauchery it's all out the window and I'm waiting in line at midnight for Artichoke pizza. My thoughts on that are if I'm going to mess up at least I'm doing it with something that's as amazing as pizza topped with artichoke dip. And if it helps me function a little better on Friday- when I actually had some major (read high profile) stuff to get done- I'm kind of ok with that.

On the Menu: This week I want to revisit tempeh. I want to attempt some Mexican, possibly the vegan or seafood version of chili relleno or chili en nogada. Even seafood enchiladas. I think my fear of using silken tofu as a cream substitute has me a little scared but I'm bound and determined. I also want to do something with squid... perhaps a trip to Wild Edibles this week or next is in order and maybe they have some uni too!

Currently Craving: Cheesy stuffed meatloaf. A bloody burger... or a Dram Shop burger. Waffles. The samples cheeses at Union Market.

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