Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Fabulous Sandwich Formula

When I was little my mom would give us mashed avocado toast for a snack. The creamy avocado over crispy toast with just a pinch of salt and pepper, this just brings me back to childhood. It's so simple, and almost overly so because I had nearly forgotten it until I read this post from Luisa of The Wednesday Chef. And yes I know I'm constantly referencing her, but it was thanks to her blog, along with LCC, that made me just fall head over heels with the idea of writing about my love of food just for the sheer pleasure of it. The way her stories capture, how her beautifully photographed pictures just draw you in... if you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should get on that.
Today has been another one of those absolutely happy with no major reason why days. I woke up rested, made my 9:30am spin class without being edged out by earlier risers for the first time in over a month (which I attribute to overly eager new years resolutioner's and their now waning exercise habits), wandered around my beautiful neighborhood and came home having worked up an appetite. So why not enjoy one of my favorite foods that fits perfectly with this pesca vegan challenge, and I'm serious when I say avocado is not just a favorite vegetable but is legitimately one of my favorite foods. I'll eat it with nearly anything.

This sandwich, a take off on the mashed avocado toast, is so simplistic and yet so versatile it's insane. You could add almost any sliced meat or cheese to it; turkey to keep it healthy, some salty ham, a horseradish-y roast beef, cold rotisserie chicken, tuna salad, a thin slice of swiss, cheddar, or muenster... seriously, the options are endless. I'm sure I'm not giving anyone who reads this anything new as far as sandwiches go but I encourage all to try at least once with the completely vegan version I made today simply because you don't miss any of those other ingredients. Sure each one contributes to a slightly different sandwich but the basic formula is plenty good enough.
Good bread is key. I love Levy's Rye, especially the everything and the whole grain
So it's not really a recipe but here's what you need:
1/2 an avocado per sandwich- sliced thin and salted
Hummus, enough to spread liberally over 1 slice of toast- I used Whole Foods roasted garlic
2 slices of toasted bread- I prefer rye
Mustard, enough to spread liberally over 1 slice of toast

Optional: thin slices of red onion, sliced tomato, chopped herbs or spices (I threw on some smoked paprika)

1. Basically just make a sandwich. Toast the bread, spread hummus on one slice and mustard on another. Top with salted avocado slices and top that with arugula. Slice to preference and serve.

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