Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to: Chop an Onion

Yeah, we all know how to chop onions, I'm sure you're saying. Easy peasy. But... can you chop an onion into perfectly even little pieces in less the 60 seconds, Top Chef style? Oh no? Well watch and learn my friend.
1. So you take an onion and chop it in half. Lop off the top (not the part with the roots, the other end). Remove all outer skin and maybe a layer below that, depending on how tough and/or dry it looks to you

2. Cut into the onion vertically like so, all across, as evenly as possibly. Depending on how large the onion is you may want to make a horizontal cut as well right in the middle

3. After cutting the onion across vertically, turn to the side and cut evenly as possible until right before the root, like so above. The onion pieces should be nice and even
This little basic trick also works for garlic and shallots and you can make the diced pieces as large or as small as you prefer depending on where you make the slices with the knife. Just don't cut off the root... as that is what binds it all together. See? Easy peasy.

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