Monday, May 30, 2011

Something New

Memorial Weekend is over and summer is officially here. The weekend has somehow flown by, but in the best way possible. I went to Masa one night and had a couch date with pizza and beer the next (though with the same person both nights of course). I laid out in my beautiful park a few days and finally hit up Governor's Island for the very first time- and it's so easy to get to!- so I'm ending the weekend a tad sunburnt, which is kind of a prerequisite for Memorial weekend anyways. I just finished an excellent book I could barely put down for the past week- The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks- so if you're looking for a good, compelling and educational read this summer then definitely give it a shot. I also just started The Help, which is a great before or after read with TILOHL and I can barely put it down. And I finally got a beautiful new apron to cook in.

So even though I'm dying to hit up Trader Joe's tomorrow to stock up on my favorite frozen dinners and fantastic lamb chops I'm going to resist the urge and instead spend my downtime at work tomorrow thinking up some great week night dinners to make while rooting for the Mav's- a far 2nd favorite team for me, but still the team of my second home away from home.

I'm looking for good recipes to make use of the rest of the buttermilk in my fridge. I'm thinking chocolate buttermilk cupcakes stuffed with mint infused whip cream and also soaking some chicken in buttermilk to make spicy oven fried chicken. I'm dreaming of chilled soups I can freeze back and also narrowing down all the things I want to can and put back this summer, starting with pickled green tomatoes. And I can't stop thinking about my possible new camera, which thanks to a friend of friend of a friend is now becoming a bit more of a reality. Now I just need to track down the perfect food photography lens and grab a good photography book and I will be hitting the ground running. I can't wait! Summer!

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