Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to: Line Cake Pans

Well that last post was a doozy, but as this is my outlet, it is what it is. And I feel better having gotten that little annoyance off my chest, which is the point right? So how about some mindless baking tips to lighten the mood... and what can possibly be more mindless than folding some parchment paper?

This was a great trick learned in a cake making class and one I put to good use when baking the 3 layer Italian Cream. For those of you who have ever made a cake, the most trying part can be getting the cooked cake out of the pan. Parchment is an easy solution but cutting it to size for rounded cakes can be an annoyance that is easily skipped in the moment, and then quickly regretted when the cake tears right down the middle. So employ this very easy folding technique, and once you get the hang of it you can make dozens just to keep around for the next time you bake a cake.

Step 1: Cut a square of parchment paper as large as the cake pan. Fold paper in half and then again so it's 1/4 square of the original size.

Step 2: Fold over again to form a triangle. And then again to make an even narrower triangle.
Step 3: Place narrow paper sliver in approximately the middle of the cake pan and make a crease where it comes to the edge. Cut just before the crease with some scissors, or if you aren't picky just tear with your fingers.
Step 4: Voila. Perfectly sized parchment cake liners. Also good for anything you want to display after baking, like a frittata, clafouti, etc. And don't forget to butter the sides of the pan.

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