Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Love: Commuter's Kitchen

I've mentioned it before, buried in some other post, but I wanted to make this a full blog love. For my sister's new blog: Commuter's Kitchen. And not coincidentally, but a post about all the delicious things we'll be making in just a few short days. Check it out, subscribe, etc. And of course, come back here in a few days for posts on oyster stuffing, how amazing a smoked turkey can be, some fabulous pies, casseroles, and such.

Thanksgiving Gear-Up: Four Days To Go

Thanksgiving is an odd holiday for my family–starting back in college, we let the holiday fall by the wayside, focusing more on Christmas dinner. That, and the fact two trips from the East Coast to Texas in a month can get pretty pricey, has led to my sister and I forming our own celebration on our own. We are both foodie bloggers, so it’s become more a cooking challenge. This year, she’s coming down Wednesday and staying through the weekend, so we’ve planned out a fantastic menu for her, myself, Chris, and any other friends who need a place to eat/escape on Turkey day.

While we’ve cooked Thanksgiving before, this will be the first year we will have a full bird. Years past have given us Turkey Pot Pie, Sides-Only, and other random dinners, but for the first time we’ll have a 10-12-pounder waiting for us to devour. Not wanting to go too crazy in the kitchen, I ordered the smoked bird ahead of time from Rocklands BBQ. I’ve never tried a smoked turkey, but heard good things from my parents last year, so decided it was something to try. Now all that is left is planning out the rest of the meal.
Our Thanksgiving Menu:
  • Smoked Turkey from Rocklands
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Oyster Stuffing
  • Rolls
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cranberries
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Pecan Pie
  • Icebox Pumpkin Moose Pie

That list makes me full just reading it. We will have leftovers for a week and I think that is MARVELOUS. Check back later this week for pictures.
For those looking to menu plan yourself, below are some tips and resources I have found invaluable:
  • Read up on other game plans. Serious Eats does Thanksgiving hard-core, but both Everyday Food and Bon Appetite had some great menu plans in their November issues.
  • Shop today [Sunday] for all ingredients. This gives you a few added days to track down things you’ve forgotten or your store is out of. Definitely have it all by Wednesday morning.
  • Make anything that keeps ahead of time including: Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, and Pies.
  • Think of a menu ahead of time for leftovers, and make sure you shop for those ingredients as well–although the best recipes will use things you already have on hand, like a Mashed Potato-Turkey Pot pie.

So on to a complete nonsequitur here, but I was just asked why a girl like me, who likes sports, playing video games like call of duty and loves cooking delicious things, is single. Ha! I have no answer to this. I'm picky. I'm Seinfeld-ian with nearly everyone I go on dates with (too homeless looking, wears more jewelry than me, might possibly be a great gay friend). And I'm maybe still not in the greatest place to be with anyone just yet (yes, I know. A whole year later...). But the compliment definitely did help make my epic fantasy football fail (maybe another reason I'm single) this week slightly more bearable. That is unless Wes Welker pulls out something amazing tomorrow night. And that's all folks. Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you soon, with some delicious posts.

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