Monday, October 17, 2011

Bourbon: There's An App For That

Like bourbon but sometimes just get so overwhelmed with the selection that's out there? Want to try new ones but forget the old one's that you liked? "Was it Old Forester or Old Crow? Booker's, Baker's or Basil Hayden?" Well just like basically everything else out there... there's an app for it. It's called Bourbon Enthusiast and it's $0.99, not unreasonable for a regular bourbon connoisseur. It also has a lot of features I really appreciate, like the ability to check it off the ones I've tried, show that I liked or didn't like it, make notes, view bourbons that are similar, go straight to the webpage, and even forward it on to email, facebook, twitter, etc.
As I have an iphone, I'm not sure what other providers have the same app, but I'm sure there's something similar if not. Give it a shot, if anything just to see the overwhelming amount of bourbon available out there.

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