Friday, June 15, 2012

Lunching It Up In Midtown & Other Local Excursions

I rarely leave my office for lunch. In fact, I rarely leave my desk. And some days I’m so busy that taking the 5 minutes I need to heat up food can be too much. Plus it’s expensive. If I want to eat my favorite healthy salad, that’s $10. If I feel like being a little gluttonous with a burrito bowl at Chipotle (don’t judge… I love their burrito bowls and have perfected the combination- mix white and brown rice, no beans, chicken, tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce and guacamole… not so unhealthy) that’s $10. And $10 every day, or even a couple of days a week can add up. I also work in what is generally considered a culinary no man’s land, so that definitely doesn't help either.

But some days, especially the nicest days all I want to do is get out, even if I’m just running across the street. I remembered those long ago days when I had just started this job and would go sit out in Herald Square or read next to the windows in the now shuttered Borders in Penn Station. So I’ve started trying to make the time. Come in just a little earlier, get those reports done a tad sooner. Once a week just get out, even if I’m just heating up my lunch and taking it outside. But even more fun would be those days I can go try something new. I'll occassionally grab Korean food- kimchee pancakes, mandoo or kimbap- but this is basically owing to my close proximity to K-town. I want to branch out further. Elusive food trucks, ethnic carts hailed by Chowhounders, that crazy sandwich on Serious Eats or specialty salad featured on Midtown Lunch. $10 once a week, I can handle that. So beginning today it was a chicken tikka kati roll at The Kati Roll Company. Tender chicken, spice sauce, an equal parts soft and crispy kati wrap. And $5 for a me-sized roll (though those with a bigger appetite may want to go for the 2 roll special), well that’s doable.
Meant to take a picture before I scarfed down 1/2 the roll but oh well
And as I was walking back I discovered a guitarist playing in Herald Square. No, not soliciting money, but as part of the 34th St. Partnership entitled A Musical Lunch where every Friday a different musical artist plays under the trees in Herald Square from 12:30-1:30. And one of my friends and fellow bloggers works near Bryant Park and has found these Word for Word events they have in the park where various authors read excerpts of their writing every Wednesday. How fun! I know it cuts into my work time and I may have to stay later, but a year from now, when all my immediate deadlines are long forgotten, I’ll have these memories of taking advantage of my city in the summer, enjoying something different, something that doesn’t necessarily happen or might not be right at my fingertips in other places.

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  1. It's so important to take time for yourself at lunch! And I know what you mean about Midtown - so many places that sell food, but nothing you really want to eat!



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