Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early Birthday... New York Fashion

So I do have about 5 posts that are thiiissss close to being ready and yes, they are actually about food. But first I want to share what I did tonight. Because it's neat and I'm a nerd about all things food and most things Texas. And this was one of those things that's so New York and so me in the go and do sense. And it fits so well here because tonight I went to the book launch and signing of my home chef food blog idol Lisa Fain aka the Homesick Texan!
Lisa's blog was one of the first that I discovered when I moved to New York City... and I've made references to her about a million times here. Because she hasn't just been a blogging idol, she was a life preserver. An anonymous person in a sea of so many but one that made me feel a little less alone, less misunderstood here. And I was so homesick and trying desperately to find a middle ground of chasing my dream and missing a place that's so much more than just a big state. And when I started the blog it was with her stories from the heart and unsatiated quest for the taste of home that I had in the back of my mind.
The gals, fellow homesick Texans

So tonight I did a terribly typical and oh so fun New York thing and went to her book launch. I brought along Miss Robs aka Silk Purse and Sows Ear and we enjoyed some Shiner (for realzies, pics to prove), took in the view at the waterfront, and of course got our books signed. I also gushed over her Love Dip recipe to her- in my defense it was fresh in my mind as I'd just made it last night to celebrate not completely sucking at my first week of fantasy football. The night was the perfect early birthday present to myself, a perfect New York experience and now a new cookbook signed just for me, and more Homesick Texan recipes to make!
In so many ways I'm still that little girl who always wanted to be around bright lights and big buildings, bridges and never  too far from the ocean. Who still gets such a sense of awe from a view like this, fuzzy iphone pic and all


  1. I know! I keep looking at the book and sighing... I can' put it up on the bookshelf just yet.



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